"Sustain Gains, Save Lives:
Invest in Malaria".

This was the theme for World Malaria Day, April 30 2012.  World Health Organisation says, “Whether the malaria map will keep shrinking, as it has in the past decade, or be reclaimed by the malaria parasites, depends, to a great extent, on the resources that will be invested in control efforts over the next years”

“Investments in malaria control have created unprecedented momentum and yielded remarkable returns in the past years.

  • In Africa, malaria deaths have been cut by one third within the last decade;
  • Outside of Africa, 35 out of the 53 countries, affected by malaria, have reduced cases by 50%.
  • In countries where access to malaria control interventions has improved most significantly, overall child mortality rates have fallen by approximately 20 per cent”

Australia's Involved

The main “control intervention” we Australian Rotarians have been involvednet12 in now for a number of years is the provision of long lasting, insecticide treated, mosquito nets (LLINs) through RAM’s Adopt A Village program.ย 

Long Lasting Impregnated Nets which cost only A$10 are being distributed to families in manner prescribed by formula for household ages and sex; their villages which are often difficult to reach, and via spraying huts, houses and mosquito breeding sites in a successful effort to reduce mortality.

Funds and RAWCS Projects have also created warehouses and support for research and distribution of these nets.

Our efforts are part of a world wide program carried out by the Global Fund with its many NGO partners.

We know this is working.

In the Solomons,

  • 2000 - 700 cases per 1,000 population
  • 2010 - 75 cases per 1,000 population
  • 2011 - 46.5 cases per 1,000 population

RAM New Guinea Poster (pdf)




Our Malaria Awareness Day was Monday April 30 2012

Donate to Project Number 143 2010/2011 - Long Life Impregnated Bed Nets for East Timor

The Australian Government commemorates World Malaria Day with special items on the AusAID website, called a Hot Topic. 2011's can be viewed here.


Scheduling World Malaria Day

Some years ago the World Health Organisation (WHO) through its subsidiary body Roll Back Malaria, determined that 25 April would be World Malaria Day.  For obvious reasons, here in Australia, Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM), one of the arms of Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS), decided to recognise 30 April as Malaria Awareness Day to avoid the Anzac Day clash.

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